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Emergency dentist in Amsterdam

Do you need an emergency dentist urgently due to severe and acute pain? Call Tandarts Jordaan. We are an emergency dentist in Amsterdam with extensive opening hours. If necessary, you’ll be in our chair in no time.

All about our emergency dentist in Amsterdam

When is your oral problem significant enough to require an emergency dentist? And do you need to be an existing customer at Tandarts Jordaan? Below, you will find answers to all your questions about our emergency dentist in the heart of Amsterdam.

What complaints require emergency treatment?

You know how you feel and whether it is necessary to come the same day. Still, give us a call beforehand. This way, we can provide you with the best possible advice. These are the complaints we often receive calls about:

  • Teeth that are loose or missing due to an accident or blow
  • Broken teeth or molars
  • Toothache combined with a swollen cheek
  • Bleeding after tooth extraction
  • Gum infections
  • Severe nerve pain in the teeth or molars
  • Crowns or fillings that do not stay in place

Do I need to be an existing client of Tandarts Jordaan for an emergency treatment?

Whether you are already a client or not, we are happy to help you achieve a pain-free smile. Whether you are already a client or not, we are happy to help you achieve a painless smile. If you have never been in our dentist chair before, bring your insurance card and ID to your emergency appointment. Good to know: you must pay with your debit card immediately after your appointment.

What are the costs of an emergency dentist in Amsterdam?

Good news: your emergency treatment at Tandarts Jordaan costs the same as a regular treatment. No extra charges. An unexpected visit is already unpleasant enough. Curious about our dental rates?

If you are not a client yet, you must pay immediately after the appointment. You can simply do that with your debit card.

Quick assistance at the emergency dentist in Amsterdam

Our emergency dentist is here for everyone, whether you are our patient or not. When you call us and explain your symptoms, we will let you know how soon we can assist you. You can reach us during our opening hours at 020 – 612 12 43.

Opening Hours

Monday – 08:15 am – 10:00 pm
Tuesday – 08:15 am – 10:00 pm
Wednesday – 08:15 am – 10:00 pm
Thursday – 08:15 am – 05:30 pm
Friday – 08:15 am – 05:30 pm
Saturday – Closed
Sunday – 09:30 am – 06:00 pm

Outside opening hours

Do you need help outside our opening hours? Then call 020 – 506 38 41. This is the dental mediation agency in Amsterdam.

Frequently Asked Questions about the emergency dentist in Amsterdam

You should call an emergency dentist for acute and severe pain in your teeth. You know how you feel and whether it is necessary to come in the same day. When you call us and explain your symptoms, we will let you know how soon we can assist you.

A treatment with an emergency dentist costs the same as a regular treatment with a dentist. There are no additional costs. If you are not yet a client, you must pay immediately after the appointment. You can simply use your debit card.

An emergency dentist is available to resolve urgent dental problems that cannot wait until the next working day. This may include situations such as a painful tooth or molar, a lost tooth, or any other dental problem requiring immediate treatment.

Our specialists

Hannah van Stuivenberg tandartsassistent Amsterdam
Hannah van Stuivenberg
Dental assistant
Tandarts Amsterdam Sonia Doghri
Sonia Doghri
Britt Hagens tandarts amsterdam
Britt Hagens
Konstantinos Kosmidis Parodontoloog Amsterdam
Kostantinos Kosmidis
Mette Rijk preventie assistent
Mette Rijk
Dental hygienist
Maria Henien tandartsassistent Amsterdam
Maria Henien
Dental assistant
Joaquina Muatondo
Baran Arisoy
Dental assistant
Laszlo Bennis
Ahsan Hussain
Nina Nijland
Dentist, specializing in periodontology
Sophie Pijpers
Josje de Bruijne tandartsassistent Amsterdam
Josje de Bruijne
Dental assistant
Leontien de Jong receptioniste
Leontien de Jong
Britt Kempkens tandarts Amsterdam
Britt Kempkens
Jana Chatziliontos
Rein van Heukelom implantoloog Amsterdam
Rein van Heukelom
certified NVOI implantologist
Zubair Mahmoud tandartsassistent Amsterdam
Zubair Mahmoud
Dental assistant
Showa van Es
Dental assistant
Claudia Rengifo paropreventie assistent
Claudia Rengifo
Periodontics assistant
Rafed Bachoore
Beatriz Betti
Orthodontics, invisalign doctor
dr. Stefanie Schönmuth
Dentist, PhD in dentistry
Stephanie Meuffels
Alexandra Schluter
Courtney Willems
Dental hygienist
Timea Kern
Dental technician
Jomerlea Saculles
Dental assistant
Fruszina Kern - Tamassy
Periodontitis assistant
Rozemarijn Maat
Oral hygienist
Patricia Kneppers
Prevention assistant
Mgrdich Amroian
Dental technician
Marit Bakker
Linda van Zoomeren
Noor Toxopeus
Maarten Vaartjes
Dentist and owner
Anouk van der Meij
Dentist for orthodontics

About Tandarts Amsterdam

A good dentist is not only good with teeth, but also with people. At Tandarts Jordaan we always take the time to explain properly what we will be doing, and just as importantly, why we´re doing it. We provide a calm and pleasant environment at our clinic in central Amsterdam, and we´re open from Monday to Wednesday, right up to 22:00 hrs. Prefer to make an appointment for the weekend? We´re also open on Sundays.

How is that possible you may ask? Well, we work with a large team. At Tandarts Jordaan there are 40 members of staff. All counted, we have 1280 teeth; you´ll see them, we show our smiles a lot. Because we´re not just a large team but also a sociable and tightly knit one.

Everyone is welcome at Tandarts Jordaan. There is no waiting list, so you can sign up in as little time as it takes to brush your teeth. And that appointment? We can plan that in straight away. At a time that fits your work schedule or daily rhythm.

Are you looking for an emergency dentist in Amsterdam? For emergency dentistry you´re also in the right place at Tandarts Jordaan. We are always on hand to help people with serious or acute pain. Give us a call before you come by, on: 020 612 12 43. We´re very expat-friendly too. You can speak English with all our staff and we even provide correspondence in English if preferable.

Our satisfied customers will share their opinion

Very knowledgeable dentist in a beautiful practice. They work with the latest equipment, you will always be helped quickly and friendly. It is clear to see that there is a good atmosphere between the different employees.

Marije Petersen

Truly a fantastic practice. Been a patient here for years. Normally I always finish the check-ups very quickly, but today during lunch at work I bit a tooth in half. Called Tandartsjordaan, and was able to go straight after work tonight. Treatment was painless and quick. They managed to save my tooth, which had really broken down. Thank you Tandartsjordaan!

Paul vI

Very nice and well served. Nice practice with friendly and above all knowledgeable employees. Fortunately I switched!

Floris Floris

More than satisfied !! I have been coming here for a few years now and am extremely satisfied. Pleasant practice with the most advanced equipment! A crown placed within 1 day! Awesome

Jose Bakker

I was able to go to work in the short term. My front tooth has been repaired very professionally. The dentist and assistant were very involved and the result is fantastic. Thanks again.

Nico Reen

Great dentist. It's not only spring in the eyes of the dental assistant.

Frank Schippers

Top dental practice. Recommended! I am very satisfied! Great team, from the receptionists to the dental hygienists, the assistants and the highly skilled dentists with excellent service with the patient at the center. They think along with you, put you at ease, are also great with children and it is a practice where everything is under one roof. Fast and painless. I am very happy that I came here 4 years ago. I dare to smile again and many of my acquaintances and friends have also enjoyed going to this dental practice for years. Tandartspraktijk Jordaan also has super service, even on Sundays and evenings until 10 pm! to be open! They are exactly the average in North Holland in terms of prices. (Have requested multiple quotes). Not cheap, but logical! Most prices are determined by the government, so no discussion. If you are going for quality, durability and service, then you have come to the right place at Tandarts Jordaan.

Ed Veldem

Fortunately, after an accident, I was immediately able to visit my own dentist on a Sunday. I have never had such a fine dentist before and can recommend everyone to go here. They are incredibly knowledgeable, but also sweet, especially if you are afraid of the dentist like me. They take their time and reassure you. So hereby a big Thank you!

Carlijn Pranger

An extremely professional dental practice, unlike anything I have encountered before in Amsterdam and The Hague. Very knowledgeable dentists, who clearly explain exactly what they perform during a treatment and they know how to put patients at ease.

Rik Hoenselaar

Wat een fantastische praktijk! Het was noodzakelijk drie kronen te plaatsen, boven middenvoor. Echter, als de bestaande kroon als uitgangspunt gebruikt zou worden, zou het rijtje niet het mooist mogelijke resultaat geven. De oude kroon is daarom door tandarts Bakker kosteloos vervangen. Dit stijgt mi ver uit boven klantvriendelijkheid of betrokkenheid en heeft ook te maken met passie voor het vak. De behandeling was geruststellend, duidelijk, plezierig en professioneel. De vier kronen werden voor het afbakken door de tandtechnicus aangepast aan mijn wensen, weer zonder extra kosten. Het resultaat is een plaatje. Allen die hieraan bijdroegen: dank jullie wel!

Lilian Withagen

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