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Implantology in Amsterdam

Little accidents happen all the time. Whoops, lost tooth. That´s a bit of a bigger gap to fill! Have no fear though, our implantologist can replace your tooth or molar with an implant or crown. How do they do that? The root of your tooth is replaced with a titanium one which screws directly into the jaw. Once the implant has had time to grow into the jaw we are able to place an implant or crown on top of it.

What our implantologist does

To begin with we will make an x-ray. From this we can get a clear picture of your jawbone and how thick it is. Should there be insufficient bone mass to add the implant we are able, for some people, to build the bone up. In that case we make the jawbone a little wider with synthetic bone. We use the implants for a variety of treatments. For example, replacing a tooth, or to create anchoring for dentures (of the sort that click into place).

An appointment with our implantologist in Amsterdam

Are you looking for an implantologist in Amsterdam? At Tandarts Jordaan we are only too happy to help. Make an appointment online for a date and time that suits you.

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