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Dental crown and bridge

In the event that your teeth has been broken, filled or subjected to root canal treatment, it often has consequences for the relative strength of your teeth. The larger the filling required, the weaker your tooth will be.

Sometimes, to prevent your teeth or wisdoms breaking and thus permanently losing them, a dental crown and bridge may be necessary.

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What are crowns?

Crowns prevent the breaking of weakened teeth. Nowadays crowns are white and you will not often come across a crown with a dark edge. However, in rare cases it is sometimes necessary to use a metal edge in a crown.

What are bridges?

Imagine you lost a tooth. If it is impossible to replace the tooth with an implant, you may elect to fill the gap in the dental arch with a bridge. Your teeth on both sides of the bridge will be crowned and between the crowns a bridge will replace the lost tooth.

The treatment of a dental crown and bridge at your dentist in Amsterdam

The dentists at Tandarts Jordaan have all completed extensive post graduate courses to produce high quality and professional crowns and bridges using the latest Cerec techniques.

It is thus not necessary anymore to make imprints of e.g. a broken wisdom tooth and wait for weeks before your crown is ready. At the outset, the broken tooth will be grinded away to create a strong base for the new crown, after which a tiny camera is used to make a scan of your teeth. On the basis of the scan, a computer program calculates the ideal shape of your new crown or bridge. The new crown or bridge is designed to fit perfectly with the rest of your teeth, giving it even better functionality than the old tooth.

Our in-house dental technician ensures that the crown is made using a baking and glazing process right away, matching the colour of your teeth perfectly. The crown is then placed and you leave with your strong and complete smile intact.

Questions over crowns or bridges?

Any questions over a dental crown and bridge? Contact us through phone and our receptionist will direct your call to the right place. Do you perhaps need crown or bridge treatment? Our advice is to make an appointment at Tandarts Jordaan and select a date and time that suits you best.

Tandarts Jordaan is open until 10:00 pm on several days of the week, if your choice is to come by in the evening. In addition, Tandarts Jordaan is also open on Sundays. If anything is unclear, please contact us right away.

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