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Infected gums

Infected gums are not nice. In addition to the fact that it hurts, it can also have an influence on your general health and give you bad breath. If left untreated they can also cause serious dental problems: think, for example, of loose teeth. It is really important then to take action if your gums start bleeding, get inflamed or red. Tandarts Jordaan will gladly help you solve your gum problems.

There are two kinds of gum infection, and two kinds of treatment

There are two sorts of gum infections: gingivitis and periodontitis. In both cases you can come to us. If you are suffering with gingivitis, then we will remove the dental plaque that is the main cause of the problem. Then your teeth will be clean and healthy again. If you have a heavy gum infection it´s periodontitis. In which case treatment will often take a bit longer, as the bone is often affected too and your teeth will be more difficult to clean.

Gum infection? Make an appointment promptly.

Are your gums swollen and painful? Do they regularly bleed, and do you have problems with bad breath and fatigue? Then it is a good idea to quickly make an appointment with us at Tandarts Jordaan. The sooner the better. You can come on a day, and at a time, most convenient to you.

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