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Pulling a tooth

Extraction: a treatment which no one looks forward to. At Tandarts Jordaan you don’t have to dread having a tooth or molar pulled. We, of course, do everything we can to make your treatment as quick, painless and comfortable as possible. We anaesthetise the tooth or molar in advance of starting the treatment and keep a close eye on how you’re doing throughout it.

What to expect of an extraction

In order to avoid extracting teeth or molars we always first discuss alternative treatments. For example, a root canal procedure. If extraction is still the best solution, then we will discuss at the same time whether an implant is something for you to consider, to try and keep your teeth as functional as possible.

By maintaining a calm atmosphere and taking time to discuss everything thoroughly in advance, we help you to combat any anxiety you may have.

What you need to do after an extraction

After an extraction you will need to rest and avoid activities that may disturb the repair for at least 72 hours, think: rinsing too vigorously, sucking on straws, smoking, drinking alcohol or chewing near the extraction site.

We will talk you through all you need to know to make sure that the repair remains pain-free and manageable at home, and when to come back for a check-up.

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