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Tandarts Jordaan

Tandarts Jordaan is a modern dental clinic in the center of Amsterdam with a strong focus on quality and personal service. The dental clinic is opened on multiple evenings until 9:30 PM during the week and Sundays from 9:30 PM until 6:00 PM. Are you looking for a dentist in Amsterdam central or do you have a dental emergency?
We are happy to help you!

What we do

Tandarts Jordaan is located in the the Jordaan district, right in the middle of Amsterdam Center. Our team of registered dental professionals strives to keep your teeth strong and healthy. At Tandarts Jordaan we use high-quality materials and methods and we try to give each customer the best possible customer experience.

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Emergency Dentist Amsterdam

Do you have an emergency or are you in severe pain? Our specialists can help to provide you with emergency dental services in case of severe or acute pain. If you need an emergency treatment, please contact us immediately on telephone 020 612 12 43.

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Opening Hours

  • monday
  • tuesday
  • wednesday
  • thursday
  • friday
  • saturday
  • sunday

Our Team


Dental check up

Dental check-ups detects emerging issues and prevent further damage.

Intake dentist

During your intake appointment we thoroughly examine your oral health.

Dentist fear

Anxiety and fear of the dentist is a broad phenomenon that we understand.

Dental hygienist

Our Dental Hygienists clean your teeth professionally and guide daily dental care.

Gum disease

Gum disease is a result of poor oral hygiene and can cause further complications.


A tooth hole is a result of a infected tooth. Bacteria damage the tooth structure.

Root canal treatment

A root canal treatment is necessary when a tooth nerve is inflamed or has died.

Dental crown and bridge

Dental crowns and bridges improve the strength of damaged teeth.

Tooth extraction

Extraction of particularly your (wisdom) teeth is often the only option.

Dental implants

Missing teeth can be replaced by dental implants.

Teeth Whitening Amsterdam

Our specialized dentists perform and ensure perfect whitening.


Veneers are applied to repair and whiten your teeth.

Bad breath

Poor oral health is often the cause of bad breath.

Make an appointment: 020 612 12 43

I've been very satisfied going to Tandarts Jordaan for many years. Everyone working there is very knowledgeable. They are always happy to help me at any given time. The fact that they have convenient opening hours also helps, which is nice when working full time.
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S Hendriks op
I think TandartsJordaan is a very nice clinic. The staff are friendly and my dentist is very nice. I had my 4 wisdom teeth removed and everything went smoothly and straight forward with minor pain. I'm very happy with the result. Another good feature is that I am able to make and control my appointments on-line, very convenient. So thank you!
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D Yashan op
I am very happy with the service at Tandarts Jordaan. Even the bigger procedures that usually are known to be very painful are fine. They take their time to explain the procedures but work quickly. Also, being able to book an appointment online is very convenient for me.
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A Lauren op