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Cavity repair at your Amsterdam Dentist

If you have a small hole – a cavity – in a tooth, it needs filling. Of course, we prefer to help you prevent cavities, by providing good information over oral health and brushing, than fill them for you. Cavities, also known as caries or dental decay, are caused by bacteria. That leads to stubborn dental plaque. The bacteria make the dental tissue soft, which causes rot.

Cavities? This is how we fix them.

We don´t just fill cavities immediately. First we explain precisely what we are going to do. So, there are no unwarranted surprises. Are you worried it will hurt? Don´t panic. We can give you a local anaesthetic. With anaesthetic treatment will be pain free and you won´t be able to feel it at all. As soon as it has taken effect, we remove the infected tissue with a dental drill. To make sure that all the bacteria are gone, we use a special dye which colours the remaining bacteria so they are visible. If everything is clean, we make a white filling for your tooth, make sure it is the same colour as your other teeth and that it fits among them perfectly.

Cavities with a composite filling

We use composite material for our fillings. That means they blend in perfectly, you can’t see where they are and they fit in with your other teeth or molars. What’s more, composite has been found to have fewer health risks than the old-fashioned black amalgam fillings.

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