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Emergency dentist in Amsterdam

Do you need a dentist urgently, because you have serious or acute pain? Then get in touch with us here at Tandarts Jordaan directly. We are an emergency dentist for the Amsterdam area. When necessary, you will find yourself sitting in our dentist’s chair in next to no time.

For what kind of complaints do you need an emergency dentist?

Trust your instincts: you know what you are feeling and whether or not you need to see a dentist the same day. Always be sure to give us a call in advance. That will allow us to give you the best advice possible. These are some of the common complaints people call us for in a dental emergency:

  • Loose or missing teeth after an accident or impact
  • Acute toothache, accompanied by an inflamed cheek
  • Bleeding after a tooth or molar has been removed
  • Crowns or fillings that have not stayed in place


The costs for emergency treatment are the same as for regular treatment. Are you not registered with us as yet? Then we do need you to pay, via debit card, directly after the treatment. Make sure then to bring your I.D., health insurance card and bank card with you to the appointment.

What if Tandarts Jordaan is closed?

In the rare event that Tandarts Jordaan happens to be closed, you may seek contact with the dentists mediation agency in Amsterdam, on 020 506 38 41, who will refer you to a dentist practice that is open at the time.

Questions about emergency dentists in Amsterdam

Our emergency dentist is there for everyone. Whether you are already registered with us as a patient or not.
If you call us and tell us what the problem is, then we will let you know how soon we can see you. You can call us on: 020 612 12 43.

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About Tandarts Jordaan

A dental practice that you're happy to visit: that's Tandarts Jordaan. The practice is open six days a week, even on Sundays and in the evenings. Making a dentist appointment for toothache, doesn't have to be a pain too. From a simple check-up to a complete dental clean-up, you can come to us for a wide variety of treatments. Even if you're afraid of the dentist, you will feel comfortable will us. We take our time and make a start only when you're ready.

We make sure that you have healthy teeth and good oral hygiene, and help you keep it that way. We take a look at your teeth and make a care plan. That includes an overview of costs. So, you know exactly what to expect.

Have you had an accident, or are you experiencing serious pain? Then you need an emergency dentist: a dentist where you will be helped as soon as possible. Tandarts Jordaan is that kind of dentist. Do you have serious or acute pain? Then get in touch on: 020 612 12 43. Even if you're not currently registered with Tandarts Jordaan, you can still come to us for emergency dental treatment.

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