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At Tandarts Jordaan we work according to nationally set tariffs, including evenings and over weekends. During your first visit a comprehensive oral health-check will be performed. On the basis of this, a diagnosis will be made of the relative state of your oral health and you will be given advice regarding any necessary treatments.

Treatment costs are dependent on the relative state of your oral health

The cost of a first visit depends entirely on the state of your oral health. Overall costs fluctuate between € 50 and € 250. This includes initial monitoring, any necessary x-rays and creating a treatment plan when there are more serious problems detected. If you require more extensive treatment, a consultation-appointment is scheduled with your dentist to discuss and explain the details. During this consultation-appointment your dentist will explain his findings on the basis of your x-rays and you will have the opportunity to discuss the various available options and pose any questions you may have.

Scheduling an intake appointment with your dentist in Amsterdam

Do you wish to schedule an intake appointment with Tandarts Jordaan? Choose a date and time when it suits you best. Tandarts Jordaan is open on several weekdays until 10:000 pm, and even on Sundays. If anything is not clear, you can always contact us.

About Tandarts Jordaan

At Tandarts Jordaan, your Amsterdam dental clinic, we treat a wide variety of dental problems related to the teeth, mouth and jaw. We provide in-depth treatment planning with low radiation digital x-rays, aesthetic and cosmetic dental options, as well as specialist treatments such as root canal treatments, dental implants, crowns and bridges. If you need emergency dental treatment options you can call our office and schedule an appointment promptly.

The staff at Tandarts Jordaan consists of experienced dentists and licensed dental assistants who will make your comfort and satisfaction their number one priority. Patients are continually monitored during treatment, and our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always available to answer any questions or concerns.

Award winning Amsterdam dental practice
A dentist appointment might not be your preferred appointment however we have tried to make the practice pleasant and inspiring while at the same time state-of-the-art, offering the latest dental and hygiene solutions.

Government controlled dentist prices
If you wonder if the prices at Tandarts Jordaan are higher then in other practices, you can rest assured. The Dutch dental prices are government controlled which means that your dental treatments will cost the same at each Dutch dental practice.

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